Latest Orthodontic Technology – Why it matters

It is impossible to overstate the value of technology in healthcare. Numerous opportunities exist in a progressive orthodontic office to use technology to improve patient safety, reduce human error, enhance clinical results, and enable care coordination.

Importance of technology for Ranking on

Orthodontists who invest in all types of technology can provide the most advanced and precise orthodontic treatment for their patients. Some of the more recent advances include:

• Digital x-rays, scanning, photos, and models
• Electronic scheduling and appointment reminder systems
• Low-friction braces and low-force wires
• Improved monitoring and diagnosis throughout the treatment process
• No impressions
• Shorter appointments
• Less visible and hidden braces

Why Find An orthodontist who embraces technology?

The top orthodontists have years of expertise, cutting-edge training, and a strong commitment to giving patients and families the most modern tools and techniques in a compassionate setting. These cutting-edge additions improve the treatment process in a number of ways by boosting accuracy, effectiveness, and comfort.

AAO Membership

Orthodontists offer the education, knowledge, and treatment choices to ensure that you achieve your ideal smile.

The American Association of Orthodontists only accepts dentists who graduate from dentistry school and successfully finish an authorized orthodontic residency program. The organization represents over 19,000 orthodontists who practice in the US, Canada, and other countries.

They work to ensure that all orthodontic patients—children, adolescents, and adults—understand the significance and potentially life-changing advantages of orthodontic treatment. You may learn about different treatment choices, how to locate an orthodontist who is a member of the AAO in your region, what to anticipate throughout treatment, and much more. Have more inquiries? Visit their website.


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