Multiple Languages – Why it matters

Clear communication between patients and medical staff is essential for providing quality care. However, millions of Americans face obstacles getting healthcare because of their inability to speak English fluently.

Importance of Multiple Languages for Ranking on

It might be challenging for non-English speakers to express their needs when a medical expert solely speaks or understands English. Additionally, it could be challenging for the clinician to effectively communicate the diagnosis and course of action. Language barriers between the patient and the orthodontic office are reduced when there are facilities in place to support non-English speaking patients. We were pleased to notice that more and more orthodontists are assisting patients in overcoming language barriers.

Why Find An Orthodontist Who Speaks your language?

On, several of the orthodontists are bilingual. They might also have a multilingual employee on site who can translate for you while you’re at the office.

Multiple Languages

Orthodontists are also improving access to care for people with disabilities

Orthodontists frequently seek feedback from patients with disabilities on the design and amenities of their offices in order to better serve and care for patients with disabilities. To help remove obstacles to care, they also welcome suggestions from patients, families, and staff.

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