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Our technology and clinical expertise provide greater access to the best orthodontic providers; empower people with insights that inspire and accelerate better oral health decisions; and foster clinical collaboration that leads to higher quality of orthodontic care.

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The selection process Starts with a referral

Starting with nominations from patients or industry professionals, we compile a comprehensive list of your local orthodontists. We then use pre-determined factors to review and rate each of the doctors, their staff, and their practices as a whole. The orthodontist who rates the highest and is the stand-out Best Orthodontist in your area is added to our website.

Review Doctor’s Licenses and Qualifications

All orthodontists are required to have a license or certification in order to practice. We thoroughly examine each orthodontist’s credentials and identify the orthodontists who are experts. The best orthodontists have gone above and beyond to educate themselves in the field of orthodontics and have a comprehensive knowledge of the underlying anatomy of the smile.


Practice analysis

Performing a data-driven analysis of an orthodontic practice is extremely important in the modern age of healthcare. The market is ever-changing and new regulations require an in-depth understanding of the profession. Quality-based orthodontic care is the focus of everyone involved in the analysis. Most importantly, this analysis will help to ensure quality measures are being met and we’ve listed the best orthodontists.

Data Review

We’ve harnessed the power of data and experiences to shed light on some of the top orthodontists out there. We did this because, if you make decisions without taking the data into account, you risk missing significant opportunities or warning signs that the data provides. By utilizing smart data analytics, we continuously seek to find the top orthodontists who provide the best patient experience.

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